Geotechnical Services
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Melbourne CBD & Inner Suburbs - Piling/Boring/Drilling
*Residential site classifications and foundations design *Soil testing *Commercial and Industrial development investigations *Pavement analysis and design *Contamination Assessments MSGeotech is a geotechnical engineering consultancy specialising in the geotechnical aspects of civil engineering, construction and development projects. The principal geotechnical services provided by our company in the civil engineering sector are: • SUBSURFACE INVESTIGATIONS - Commercial and Industrial development investigations; - Residential site classifications and foundations design; - Pipelines, tanks and other buried infrastructure; - Urban and rural roads, roundabouts, railways, airfields; - Retaining structures, bridges, embankments, dams • PAVEMENT ANALYSIS and DESIGN - Pavement design and construction for commercial, industrial and residential developments • CONTAMINATION ASSESSMENTS (NATA accredited laboratories).

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