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3D Star Ceiling - Makes kids WANT to go to bed!
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Logan - Painter
SLEEP UNDER THE STARS FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN BED. Imagine turning your lights out at night and seeing an awesome sky full of stars. During the day your ceiling looks normal. But at night your ceiling magically comes alive with beautiful stars that twinkle! My hand-painted Star Ceilings look so realistic, you’ll think the roof has been lifted away, and you’re looking out at a clear night sky. * Safe and non-toxic * Earth friendly (solar powered) * Personalise it by adding special constellations, wishing stars, shooting stars, galaxies, moons and planets and even your name. * Discounts for additional ceilings. Pricing is based on the size of your room plus any extras you may want. =========> Call me Today for a FREE 15 minute in home demo.
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