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Perth Eastern Suburbs

Mojo Urban Living

Mojo Urban Living is an innovative new house and land development that’s all about you.
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Perth Eastern Suburbs - Builder
Mojo Urban Living allows you to live the new Australian dream that doesn't involve a yard with a fence or apartment lobbies. Instead of the humdrum daily life of chores, you can find your passion, have new experiences, take yoga lessons, work out, dine and drink wine and do the things that memories are made of. Instead of spending time watching television in your home, you can be out doing things that you have always wanted. Be what you have always wanted to be. You can do so at our new house and land development called Mojo Urban Living. This is the first integrated community in CoNo precinct that is all about you and your dreams. Here you can join a colourful Australian community that speaks to your dreams. It's a place not only to live to break free of the mundane and fall into the natural rhythm of life. Come to Mojo and find out what your mojo really is.
WA - Perth Eastern Suburbs