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Rockingham & Kwinana

The Lab Factory

Rockingham’s Collaborative Cosharing Space Where Corporate and Creatives Collide.
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Rockingham & Kwinana - Builder
The Lab Factory is a collaborative workspace that functions as an Ideas incubator bringing all elements of a concept together. By creating business chemistry the outcome is significantly greater than the original concept. Located in the very heart of Rockingham, Western Australia, our collaborative space of 510 square meters is spread out within the entire bottom floor along with direct disability access. From a building on its own, on the decor and amenities are actually chosen for you to line up using advised requirements. The large expanses of house windows that enable sunlight to flow with the area, for the stability of opened perform areas versus private meeting suites have got all been as well as selected in order to fit together with the most updated analysis on collaboration as well as efficiency.
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