Will only positive comments be posted?

No they won’t. We realise not all experiences are going to be positive. Negative reviews actually give more credibility to the entire review experience. While we do allow negative reviews we ask that they be truthful and fair. Nothing degrading, demeaning or abusive is to be posted. Keep it simple, to the point, and stick to facts as to why the experience was unacceptable. The more details and facts you provide can only help the relevant business and give other users a full picture of your experiences.

How many times can I review the same business?

Not every business gets it right every day. Everyone has their bad days. For this reason Trade Critic allows you to review the same business more than once, but with a delay of 7 days between postings to stop one person dominating the review process. If you experience problems with a tradesman and they fix the issue you may follow up your initial review letting people know of the resolution.

Can I review under multiple accounts or cut and paste reviews?

No, strictly one account per user. The concept of Trade Critic’s ratings and reviews are to have accurate information and reviews submitted by people who have had actual experiences. We can’t allow one person submitting multiple reviews, under different names, to the one business as this simply doesn’t indicate a true experience. The same goes for cutting and pasting the same review under every branch listing of a business. Unless you’ve actually experienced the services at the business listed, we don’t want you reviewing them. Multiple accounts or cut and paste reviews will be removed.

Can I review my family or friend’s business?

Yes, as long as you disclose your relationship with the business in the review. Personal and professional connections to a business can understandably alter the reviewer’s perspective. By being open and honest about this relationship you ensure that your review is trustworthy.

How will ratings and reviews help my business?

Ratings and reviews get you closer to your customers. Learning more about a customer’s experience with your business is valuable knowledge. Not only will ratings and reviews tell you what’s working with your current business model but what problems it may be experiencing, issues perhaps you were not aware of.

Can people say anything they like about my business?

Users are free to write anything they like but no review will go live until it has gone through a stringent filter process. Any review containing content of a defamatory nature or inappropriate language will simply not be posted on the site. Please contact us immediately if one happens to slip by…

Can I be kept up to date with reviews of my business?

Yes, just register your business with Trade Critic - it’s free, or if it’s already on Trade Critic you’ll be entitled to:

  • Comment on posted reviews as the business owner.
  • Report any review you are concerned about as inappropriate.

What are some tips for handling a negative review?

Things to take into account:

  • Encourage other clients to review your business - lots of good reviews will quickly outweigh one poor review.
  • The most recent review appears first, so any older reviews will be pushed towards the bottom of the page.
  • If you want to communicate with the reviewer, attach a comment to their review explaining your side of the story or asking them to contact you.
  • If you sort out a problem with a reviewer ask them to go back to Trade Critic and post another comment on how you reached a resolution (this is a great way to show other consumers how your business is customer focussed)

Why can’t I get a negative review removed?

Sorry but we won’t remove a negative review just because you don’t like it. We want to create a credible space where members can share their experiences both negative and positive with others. If, as a business owner, you feel a review is unfair you can flag it as inappropriate and Trade Critic will investigate the issue further. It’s still no guarantee the review will be removed though.

What if I have a business that covers more than one category?

You will need to register separately under each trade category using a different username & password

How does Trade Critic make money?

Trade Critic intends on selling third party banner advertising to construction industry affiliated companies as their main income stream. Priority listings will be made available for registered businesses to purchase on a month by month basis. Priority listings will be limited to three (3) businesses/trade/region, the priority listings are an optional upgrade only – with no obligation to purchase. Your business will receive a free one page listing regardless of whether a priority listing is purchased or not. Please contact us if you would like further information about a priority listing.